This class has been tasked with designing, constructing and launching a remote sensing platform into near space and finding applications for the imagery acquired. The project is continually evolving and this blog will be a forum to publish our progress.


A Special Announcement from the Camera Team

 bigjay & littlejay
 olympus unpacking
 ryan displays the E-5
 olympus included an additional lens for the E-PL2
 vijay & ryan can't hold in their excitement
ryan approves
. . . . . 
For the project, we need a camera that is rugged and reliable enough to stand the extremities of near space. Also, we will be doing some serious 'pixel peeping' in the post analysis, so excellent image quality and ability to resolve detail is a high priority. In search of cameras, the E-5 really stood out by fitting our criteria well.

A few weeks ago, we contacted Olympus and told them about our project in hopes they could help us.  They graciously agreed to help us out by sending an E-5 and some other accessories including the 12-60mm Zuiko lens, an E-PL2 to document the project, a battery grip, extra batteries, and a remote shutter. We could not be any more thankful to Olympus!!!

Much to the excitement of the image group, these items arrived in the mail today.  It was nice to actually get a feel for the equipment in which we will be working with. Our initial impressions of the E-5 are very positive. The build quality feels like it could survive being run over by a parade of semi-trucks. We are excited to continue testing and getting a feel for this instrument.

The next item on our agenda is to test image resolution at varying elevations. This will require an airplane and some careful planning. We will keep you updated.

 ryan callihan - camera team

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